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Resharpening Service

For longer tool lifetime

Sharp tools produce quality
High quality tools are part of the reputation of a quality-oriented production facility. Because only well cared for and regularly sharpened tools result in full performance and retain maximum usability throughout their entire lifetime.

Nachschärfservice – scharfe Werkzeuge produzieren Qualität Nachschärfservice – für ein längeres Werkzeugleben

Lower your tool costs!
As a systems expert, HAHN+KOLB has not only specialised on the supply of high quality tools suitable for the application, but also on ensuring that your tools will perform optimally in the long term – which results in savings in tool costs. This especially requires precise resharpening and coating at the individual wear intervals.
Our Resharpening Service offers you every convenience and a high safety level. It fulfils the requirements of DIN ISO EN.

Resharpening pricelist (only german)

HAHN+KOLB Resharpening Service for:

  • Current metal removing HSS and solid carbide tools with and without cooling duct
  • Radius, spherical and angled cutters
  • HSS and carbide face milling cutters with radius, spherical or angled
  • HSS-T slot and angular milling cutters
  • HSS disk milling cutters with radius or angled
  • HSS equal angle milling cutters
  • Concave and convex milling cutters
  • Solid carbide and carbide equipped drills
  • Cantering drills, twist drills, NC spotting drills, sheet and tube drills
  • Reamers
  • Taps
  • Countersinks
  • Saw blades and circular saw blades
  • Coatings TIN, TICN, TIALN, CC-Alu and other qualities

We can handle other tools on request.

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