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Catalogue Solutions

HAHN+KOLB is specialised in the integration of catalogue data for all popular, well-known suppliers.

Catalogues with format
Besides BMEcat, Healy Hudson XML, CSV, Excel and ASCII, we also master the current American standards such as CIF, CUP and Buysite – always up-to-date.

Classifications produce a clear overview
You will always find the right products with eClass, UN/SPSC or the HAHN+KOLB structure.

eProcurement bei HAHN+KOLB - Kataloglösungen zur Integration von Katalogdaten


  • OCI, Punchout, Roundtrip
  • Structured E-Mail
  • EDI or VDA and EDIFACT Standard
  • SAP Business Connector

Your direct line to E-Readiness: Telephone: +49 (0) 711 9813-117

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