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Technical Academy

The Technical Academy – certified knowledge from HAHN+KOLB

We bring you up to the latest state-of-the-art: the HAHN+KOLB Academy offers an interesting seminar concept for everything to do with machining and hardness testing.

The Concept

At HAHN+KOLB, you’ll find a wealth of experience acquired over decades in machining technology as well as in hardness testing. Our customers appreciate our technical competence precisely in these very different, but important areas. This experience has now formed the basis of the new HAHN+KOLB Academy. It is our objective to pass on this knowledge to our customers.

Die Technikakademie der HAHN+KOLB Werkzeuge GmbH: Schulungen im Bereich Zerspanung und Härteprüfung


  • Machining
    We will show you new developments and trends during our seminars and training courses. We will give you information about interesting applications and complement it through presentations about cutting materials, geometries and coatings as well as suitable clamping devices.
  • Hardness Testing
    During these seminars, we place value on communicating basic knowledge about standardised and non-standardised hardness testing procedures. We provide information about the latest standards and give hints about the correct testing of different components and materials as well as the standard specifications for hardness revaluation, calibration and maintenance of hardness testing machinery.

All seminars and training courses contain theoretical as well as practical modules to examine the topics in depth.

Target groups, event venues and dates, instructors

In general, we address all of our customers. Depending on the topic, we offer seminars and training courses for experienced users who want to keep up-to-date, but also for beginners who first need to acquire basic knowledge.

The seminars take place all the year round throughout Germany.

On the one hand, the instructors come from within our company but, on the other hand, specialised instructors from universities and other facilities are also called upon from case to case.

A modest fee is charged for participation. After consultation, in-company training courses can also be offered.

Participants will be certified.

Every participant receives a certificate which provides proof of further training in compliance with DIN ISO 9000.


Telefax: 07141-498-5797
E-Mail: hk-akademie@hahn-kolb.de