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Metal-cutting tools: Metal-cutting tools; Turning tools and clamping systems; Grinding service: Special customised tools Metal cutting tools
Clamping devices: Taper tools; Clamps for tools and workpieces; Toolmanagement; Dividing attachments; Presetting devices; Workpiece clamping systems; Hydraulic devices and accessories Clamping tools
Mechanical and electrical measuring and testing devices: Vernier callipers, micrometers, dial gauges; Gauges blocks; Measuring stands; Gauges, angle, ruler; Vertical length meter; Measuring machines Measurement tools
Testing equipment, optical inspection equipment: Testing devices for material and component testing; Devices for optical inspection; Ultrasonic cleaning devices; Image processing Testing equipment
Workshop cabinets and benches: Shelving systems; Workbenches; Workshop wagons; Tool cabinet; Insert material Workshop equipment
General hand tools: General tools; Work safety; Labeling equipment General tools
Grinders and chemical products: Diamond and boron nitride tools; Ceramic grinders; Honing tools; Chemical products Grinding
Machines: Electric/compressed air tools; Devices to simplify work; Hoists and cranes; Labelling appliances; Deburring tools; Standard tool machines Electric tools